Thursday, January 10, 2013

[SOLVED] Any software problem in LAVA E-Tab Z7H and Z7H+ Tablet

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If you are facing any software problem with your tablet "LAVA Z7H / Z7H+" or it hangs at boot, no need to worry, you don't have to go to the LAVA Service Center. I am here to help you. Follow the following steps to format your tablet. It will remove everything from your tablet and make it as a new tablet like brand new tablet.)
1. SD Card               (It will be formatted, Please backup your data)
2. SD Card Reader
3. Your PC
4. Your Tablet
5. Data Cable
1. Download this two zip files.
    a) Flash tool for SD card        or  Billionupload  or  Mediafire or Google Drive
    b) Image file           or      Mirror  or Google Drive
        or Mediafire  part1  part 2  part3   (If you can't able to open the link use ULTRASURF)

(Use HJSplit to combine these three files)

2. Extract the "Flash tool umedia".

3. Open the "PhoenixCard.exe".
4.Click on "Image File" & browse to where you have downloaded the image file "LAVA_Z7H_S005_20120829_withoutcontent.img".

5.  Insert your sd card to the card reader & insert in the usb port of your PC.

6. Click on "Format to Normal", then click Burn.

7. After finished the above step completely remove the SD Card from card reader & insert it in your tablet. Make sure the tablet is off. Then power on it.


Insert a small pin in the reset hole.

8. Now you can see a red progress bar moving. After it is completed the tablet will be switched off.

9. Now remove the SD Card and Turn on you tablet.

10. Bingo!! You got your new Tablet.

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CWM-based Recovery for LAVA Z7H and Z7H+ Tablet

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1. I am not the one who made this software. I have just shared it for the benefit of the LAVA Z7H and Z7H+ users. Credit goes to the original developer of the software. If you like this click +1 in Google plus. Share this information to your friends.
2. The method I have described above is only for LAVA Z7H and Z7H+ not for any other android device. If you still want to try the above method go with your own risk. It may permanently damage your TAB and may void your warranty.